Share Your Taste™.

No more rating restaurants on the service, or the "hip" atmosphere, we focus 100% on the food.

Always remember that great dish you had at that awesome dinner.

Share your favorites (and not so favorites) with your friends, family and @followers.

Be in the know: is a dish #glutenfree, #freerange, #unmemorable or a #crowdfavorite

Educated search: get recommendations from those you trust, every time you are eating out

Always know the best ________________, no matter what you are craving.


Dished is a fun and easy way to save, share, and discover the best food dishes in any given location. You snap a photo of the dishes, cocktails and wine you enjoy at restaurants with your mobile device, choose a filter to make the dish look its best, and give the dish a 1 - 5 star review. You can also share your review with your circle via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare or via email. We're building Dished to allow you to not only save your favorite (and not-so-favorite) dishes, but see what meals your friends and other users have enjoyed.

We will grant our power users, and those who hold clout in the culinary world, influencer status, making their reviews stand out, so you are always informed and hearing from those who are "dialed in."

We focus 100% the dishes themselves, as we are on a quest to discover and collect information on the best plates of food and the best cocktails / wine from around the globe. We know that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to what we stuff in our mouths. We want you to know exactly what dishes to order, every time you go out, no matter what you find yourself craving or where you find yourself munching!

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With Dished, restaurants have streamlined connectivity with their guests, and a word-of-mouth engine at their disposal.


Dished is a social app built on the iOS & Android platform to help you discover amazing dishes around you.

"Dish" means a couple things. First and most obvious being a serving vessel that your favorite meals are served on. We like Dish used as a verb, meaning to discuss or to forcefully share your feelings. That is what Dished is as its core, a place for you to discuss your thoughts about the food you eat with your friends and family.

Our founder, Will, went to a new restaurant that everyone he knew was raving about. It was well reviewed by both critics and everyday people online. He made a reservation and couldn't wait to try it! Friday finally arrived and everything was great, except for the ceviche he ordered. It was, well, without turning your stomach with the details...not so great. Although a bit scarred by the experience, he gave the restaurant another chance and learned after a couple more trips that THE dish to order at this restaurant was the shrimp taco plate. He would have rated the ceviche a 0, the shrimp tacos a 5! That is where the idea came about, creating an app where you can always know not only what restaurants to eat at based on reviews from those you trust, but more importantly, what dishes to order!

We love food and we love online reviews for restaurants! They are great tools for discovering new places. The problem we found was that restaurant review websites take into consideration many different factors, the food, the decor, the service, and the ambiance. We focus 100% on the food. When we are craving a specific dish and are on the lookout for the best Carne Asada Burrito, we don't want to see the best rated Mexican restaurant, we want to see the best rated Carne Asada Burrito. Dished celebrates the dishes that keep us returning over and over again to our favorite places.

1.Ever been to a restaurant and loved a dish but couldn't remember what is was 6 months later? Or been to a restaurant you love, but ordered the wrong thing? Your personal stream will keep all of your reviews organized so you can have your own personalized food guide.

2.Trust your circle. We don't know about you, but we rely on our friends and family to give us the best advice on where to find the best food. That is why Dished is 100% made for sharing and comparing food within your own circle. When you search for a dish, say Vegetarian pizza, the top rated dishes will display in your area. We take things even further and have dishes reviewed by your friends and family display first, so you are always getting the best advice possible. Grandma may have great taste in food, but she is no Bobby Flay, that is why Dished will be granting our power users and movers and shakers in the industry, "Influencer Status". Like with your friends, reviews left by influencers will always display first on your search results so you are getting advise from the best in the biz!

3.Share. Tag. Hashtag. Easily comment on reviews, share your thoughts on the reviews of your friends, tag your friends, and #telltheworldwhatyouthink!

4.Prevent fake reviews and celebrate consistency. We require you to take a picture of the dish you are reviewing, so that we know those leaving a review have actually eaten the dish. This also will also let others see whether or not the dish is consistently cooked and prepared. We do not allow restaurants to leave reviews on their own dishes. We think that would be pretty unfair. We do, however, let restaurants claim their dishes and add additional information about dishes such as the preparation and where the ingredients come from. We also let restaurants respond to your reviews in comments so that communication between restaurant and patron is easy!

5.We know the best food doesn't always come from a fancy restaurant. Our app is food-focused so we give all kinds of food sources, from farmer's market stands to food trucks the ability to have an equal footing.

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